How To Save Money On Your UK Car Repairs

car repair

Car owners know only too well that the cost of vehicle ownership isn’t confined to the vehicle itself, but includes fuel, maintenance and repairs. Car repairs can not only be time-consuming, but expensive as well. The worse the damage, the heavier the toll is on one’s wallet, and the more time needed to fix it.

Good thing there are many ways to save time and money on UK car repairs, and here are some of the best.

Book services and buy parts using discount codes.

Many car servicing companies have taken their business online, letting car owners book services and buy parts with just a few clicks or taps. Booking tyre changes, exhaust tests, oil changes, MOTs and the like has never been this fast and easy, plus you get the added benefit of lower service rates through discount codes, easily available through voucher sites. Many voucher codes offer attractive packages that bring down the cost of repairs, while others let you purchase much-needed parts at rock-bottom prices. Make sure you use a Kwik Fit discount code the next time you take your car in for a servicing!

Shop around.

Auto experts suggest shopping around for a good car service, not just going for the one nearest you. A good car service doesn’t mean a cheap one, but one that has qualified mechanics who can do the job well for the price they offer. A good auto repair shop should have certified technicians on board, with expertise in car repair classifications such as engines and brakes. Remember that getting your car fixed the first time will help you avoid recurring expenses when the problem shows up again or worse, becomes a bigger and therefore more expensive one.

Shop around by reading forums and review sites to check a service company’s reputation and customer satisfaction. If a particular company has more irate customers than happy ones, you’d best avoid that and try someplace else. Do keep in mind that there are companies that specialise in servicing particular makes and models–a Ferrari for instance–so if you have access to those technicians, it’s highly recommended to pay them a visit.

Do preventive maintenance.

To avoid the costs of expensive repairs down the road, take steps to prevent problems today. For instance, when it’s time for your car to have an oil change, don’t procrastinate and do it. Failing to do so will put your engine at risk of overheating, causing damage to your engine. Another preventive maintenance you can do is changing the air filter, which also benefits your engine and overall vehicle performance.

There are also some minor repairs or replacements you can do yourself, such as changing wiper blades, checking the oil level and replacing batteries. Learn to do these yourself and you can save money by avoiding the cost of labour in an auto repair centre.

Heed warning signs.

Depending on your car’s make and model, you would be alerted to certain problems you can address right away. For instance, cars have a Check Engine light that comes on. Many owners may put off getting their cars checked, thinking it’s a minor issue that can be ignored. Bad idea. If the light flashes on, have your car checked immediately else the problem could end up with you having to pay for an engine replacement.

Read your car’s manual to see which parts need regular checking, what the icons on the dash are for and generally know your car inside and out. Do all of these and you’ll be able to save a significant amount of money on your UK car repairs from here on out.